It's the Last Week of Summer!

July 30, 2018

It's the last week of summer! So, what can you do to squeeze out the last few precious moments of summer while still preparing for the first week of school? Here are some ideas to help you savor the last few moments of summer while getting ready for the first week of school!

1. Enjoy a  movie with your friends! Nothing says summer like getting together to enjoy a great movie!

2. Swim, swim, swim!

Swimming is the one thing that screams summer! Savor those rays of sunshine by scheduling one last summer swim with your friends!

3. Have a picnic. Make yourself a couple of sandwiches, grab some fruit and your ready to enjoy a wonderful lunch at the park or lake! 

4. Finish that summer book you've been reading!

Now, here are the four things you can do to get ready for the first week of school!

1. Go school supply shopping! Take the day and enjoy yourself! 

You can even go with friends treat yourselves to a little ice cream or smoothie while your out!  

2. Get organized! Go through those closets and clean out whatever you won't need going into the new school year! Get your planner out and outline what your first day, first week and even first month of school will look like! 

3. Pick out your outfit for the first day of school. Choose a comfortable but stylish top with a good pair of pants that are an appropriate style. If you are wearing a skirt or dress, make sure it is an appropriate length; and pick out shoes that comply with code and matches your style! If it's a uniform, lay it out and figure out how you can rock it and make it your own! 

4. Go to "Meet Your Teacher" night. Go meet your teacher first hand! Introduce yourself and see what your new classroom will look like!

If you do all of our suggestions, you are sure to enjoy the last week of summer and be well prepared and excited for your new school year!